Monday, January 16, 2006

A very silly game

My friend Justice has come up with a new game. He has called it the "Are your initials also an airport code game" game. See if you guess the rules.

I come in as Buraimi airport in Oman.

Vital Stats:

City : Buraimi
Country : Oman
Country Abbrev. : OM
World Area Code : 658
GMT Offset : -4.0
Longitude : 55° 47' 0" E
Latitude : 24° 15' 0" N

Well, it killled five minutes. And then I started looking up my friends... Your website resource is No, really.

Note: The winner for the most interesting airport so far is my colleague, Sue. Her SDA gives her, wait for it, Baghdad International...

1 comment:

Chris said...

Airport Code: CJL
Airport name: Chitral
Runway Length: 5800 ft.
Runway Elevation: 4900 ft.

City: Chitral
Country :Pakistan
Country Abbrev. :PK
World Area Code :764
GMT Offset:-5.0

Longitude:71° 47' 50" E
Latitude:35° 52' 47" N