Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Best of Oxford

I am (or was) a champion of Oxford. I still love it but that love is not what it once was. In order to to rekindle what it once grabbed me about this place and also to make the most out of this place I think I'm going to need some input from you lot.

So... I'm going to try and create a list of the best things and places in Oxford. I was thinking pubs, clubs, walks, barber shops, shoe shops, bridges, parks, live venues, indian restaurants, oxford bands, coffee shops, punt wharves, corner stores, music shops, cinemas, theatres, places for Sunday breakfast... Whatever it is that makes this place great.

I'm going with:
Pub: used to be the Marlborough House till it changed hands so now I'm going for the Lamb and Flag
Clubs: Pass. Maybe Anuba?
Walks: Across Hinksey Park to Hinksey Village
Barber Shops: the one above the department store on Turl St
Shoe Shops: Jones
Bridge: Folly Bridge. At night. In the Snow.
Park: South Parks in the summer with a frisbee
Live Venue: The Zodiac. By default. A serious weakness in Oxford
Indian Restaurant: Aziz
Oxford Band: Radiohead
Coffee shop: I don't drink coffee so will go with the Nosebag tea rooms
Punting Wharf: Cherwell Boathouse. Go upriver from there
Corner store: Londis on the corner of Newton and Abingdon Roads
Music Store: Polar Bear because the staff take the piss out of you.
Cinema: The Phoenix. By default.
Theatre: Pass...
Sunday breakfast: The French place on Little Clarendon St.

Your answers and suggestions for extra fields on a postcard please!

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