Monday, January 30, 2006

Music for a Monday night

Every six months or so I put a Beth Orton album on. I remember in the hazy times of my twenties her video for She Cries Your Name, and thought she looked a little like a friend of mine. The next time I encountered her was in 1999 driving home to Northcote on Auckland's North Shore and hearing Stolen Car from Central Reservation. It was a sunny afternoon as I sped along the Northcote off-ramp on the Northern Motorway. And I loved it. It's a rare thing that I can place the first time I heard a song. (About the only other ones I can think of is Chicago from Groove Armada's Vertigo (one of the songs that changed my world), and Snappy from the Groove Armada Back to Mine mix album. Both were in my office at Harrison Grierson in Newmarket). But back to Beth. Every now and again I seem to bump into her. Once it was on a Chemical Brothers album (Come With Us) and another time it was on a William Orbit mix. Strange Cargo 3, I think.

As I say, every six months or so I put her on and almost invariably she hits the spot. Tonight she was the background to a candlelit (ha!) MSN conversation with a very good pal and accompanied by the end of the Chianti from Saturday night.

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