Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Homer's Odyssey

(From Norm at onegoodmove)


The bloody ICC, in their wisdom, have told youtube to remove all videos of the 2007 world cup as they seem to think that the presence of it is denying them revenue. They can't seem to see that videos like this actually bring them money as it brings attention to the game.

As a result the video below doesnae work anymore.

Monday, March 19, 2007

God love 'im

For overweight cricketers everywhere...


On the right is Radio.Blog. It's courtesy of the fine folk at Radio.Blog, and an idea of shamelessly inspired from those Badminton Stamps boys.

At the moment there is the exhaustive playlist of two.

The space for the music has kindly been donated by one Rhys Lewis. If you need goodies from Aotearoa, you should visit him at

Tomorrow there shall be more, when I bring my iPod cord home from work...

Visual Mutterings

At there's the start of a photographic record of Oxford, or wherever the hell I am on any given day.

The first one is from the Luminox on Saturday night.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Imaginary Children

Yesterday, for the first time in recorded memory, I chose to listen to John (Cougar) Mellencamp and his Human Wheels album. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it

Yesterday, randomly,, a music blog I drop by from time to time, posted this (with downloadable track):

"It's hard to hate on John Mellencamp. He does his thing and he does it competently. But for all his general good guy decentness, in the end he'll always be a pop tart version of the Boss. That's because Mellancamp is to Springsteen what Coldplay is to Radiohead; a watered down version your imaginary daughter likes. This is of course assuming that you have an imaginary daughter. I recommend getting one if you haven't already. My imaginary daughter is eleven years old, her favorite movies are Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Splendor in the Grass, she reads Teen Vogue although it's a little advanced for her but she wants to seem cool, and she loves converse sneakers and Mellencamp. She's a pretty cool girl and I love her to pieces. And seeing her imaginary smile when this song comes on convinces me that I love the Mellencamp too. I mean, sure he's not in the same league as Bruce Springsteen, but at least he takes a dump on Bryan Adams".

Monday, March 12, 2007


In our case we're leaning out the window looking at a cow

Monday, March 05, 2007


(Disclaimer: From a pinko's anti-nuke perspective)*

With the current debate on Trident, there are two audio clips that are worth listening to. One, from the Now Show, is funny and new and borrows from the other, which is a speech called 'Nuclear Weapons are Morally Indefensible' and is from the late New Zealand Prime Minister, the Hon David Lange. This is old and occasionally funny, was the Oxford Union Debate in 1985, and while being quite long is worth listening to. It remains as prescient today as it did in 1985.

By the way, Aotearoa is still being punished by our 'friends' for this one.

*Although if the aliens do come, and they don't come in peace, I'll be willing to admit I was wrong.

Somedays it pays to shave...

I went to see Blood Diamond on Saturday night with Sarah. It was a mutual decision*. On first observation it seemed a powerful and very violent indictment of the diamond trade. And to some extent, on second and third observations, it remains a powerful (and violent) indictment of the diamond trade. But it also came across as a rather patronising movie about Africa, and when Wendy sends me a link, I'm gonna link to someone from Cape Town who agrees with me (the guys at get it pretty close here).

Anyways, being someone who is in the habit of shaving once a fortnight (I like my stubbly look - it reminds me I have testosterone, and on the whole I'm too lazy too shave in the firs place), it sometimes pays to shave. 'Cos you never know when your evening is going to end with a damn good snog.

*As a violent movie to go to on a first date, it comes a distant second to the time I went and saw David Lynch's Wild at Heart. Although that was most definitely her choice.

Friday, March 02, 2007