Monday, January 09, 2006

Cross Maltese (Photo Essay 2)

I went to Malta with Chris last week. I had a nice time but I found the Maltese to be a surly lot. So instead of rabitting on about the rabit cuisine and the dodgy roads, here are some pictures. For the technically minded amongst you these photos were taken using a digital camera that has a lens.

The tip of Valletta looking across Marsamxett Harbour

Young Maltese fishing in Grand Harbour

The WW2 Siege Memorial and Grand Harbour. When this bell rings (as it does at 12pm every day) it is loud.

There are lots of guns and walls in Malta. This gun is manned by a bear. Maltese beer was very drinkable, unless of course you bought it off-site and stored it in the hotel mini bar, because if you did the Maltese hotel staff would lock the fridge.

Chris and the funky cold Mdina. Mdina is known as the 'Silent City'. Not when it's being repaved it isn't.

The Dingli explosives factory. I kept out.

The par 4, third hole of the Giant's golf course. 640,468,500 yards, includes a siginficant water hazard.

The direction of the green for the third hole of the Giant's golf course. Rain is coming in from the Med.
A Canadian with a View

A Kiwi ignoring the view

The Temple at Hagar Qim. Together with the temple at Mnajdra these are the oldest free standing man made structures on earth. They are reckoned to have been built in 3600BC.

A Kiwi with a Mnajdra temple complex

The Blue Grotto. The boat trip was worth the admisson price to Malta alone. If you go to Malta, you must see this place by boat. The colours in the water do your head in.

Would you trust these people to do your spray painting? Look very carefully at the next picture (you might need to click on it to magnify it).


A contemplative (posing) Kiwi with a sea view.

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