Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nomal Service

A couple of conversations have steadied the ship. The first was with Megs, where she told me to be a man. Quite right. I'm 31 for goodness sake. After all the supportive conversations, it was jolly useful to have someone lavishly take the piss out of me.

The second was with Jim and Anne last night over dinner. Jim's a great fan of technology. Anne would rather it wasn't there at all. We had a very pleasant evening over a bottle of Chianti and a chicken pasta dinner. Anne questioned the whole point of blogdom, and finds reading them rather invasive, much like another friend of mine. Jim's response is that blogdom is what you make it to be and that in my case mine has always been rather personal. Except for that period where I went through a series of badly written gig reviews. What was I thinking?? Anyways, the conclusion that was arrived at was that it's good to talk about stuff out loud, but there is a time and a place for it. It's useful for people to talk about their issues, and I think we all should do. However, I think I've taken it too far. So... let's just acknowledge that there is some crap in my world, and that I'm talking about it with people. I'm just not doing it here. And that's why some posts have mysteriously disappeared.

Now that feels better. So less angsty drama queen stuff here.


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