Monday, April 11, 2005

A Walk in the Park

On Friday it snowed again in Oxford. For about half an hour it chucked it down. It's making me think that the global warming people might have it wrong after all...

Yesterday all things were back to normal. It was warm and sunny, so Kate (who doesn't have a blog so there is no link to be attached) and I went for a walk through Magdalen (pronounced Maudlin - it's an Oxford thing - a bit like the Thames being called the Isis.) College gardens. Usefully Kate is a member of the university so she can get into them for free, and she's allowed to take a guest with her. Saved me three quid...

The Magdalen Gardens are another reason that Oxford remains the best city I have ever lived in. They are an enormous green space with deer, wild flowers, canals and a river... that is literally in the centre of Oxford. Yesterday they were covered in daffodils, daisies and other flowers that looked pretty but because I need to maintain some sort of masculinity I don't know what they are called. On the edge of the gardens is an enormous mosque complex and just to the northeast is the very old St Clements church. The whole time that Kate and I were in the gardens the Magdalen Chapel bells were ringing.

The picture below has the gardens as essentially the large empty space with the rivers through the middle. The Oxford High Street is the curved red road at the bottom of the map.

Thanks Multimap.

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