Monday, April 25, 2005


Next Thursday as a Commonwelth citizen living in the UK I get to vote in the UK General Election (in NZ we are not so accommodating to the mother country). I figure I have two choices, Labour or Lib Dem (there's no way I'm voting Tory). What I vote for may come down to whether or not I could still vote Labour even though they took the UK (and the world) to a war that was not justified. I'm not sure I see the war as a reason to not vote Labour, although I don't want a Labour victory to be seen as the electorate condoning the war.

But I struggle to see the difference between Labour and the Lib Dems on anything else.

Thoughts or persuasion anyone?


Matt said...

rich - do the quiz (linked from my blog) and it might help you to decide.


richard said...

Crikey! I'm surprisingly Green. Not as green as I am Lib Dem.

It's as I thought, the older I've got the more communist I've got.

Chris said...

yeah, lib-dem! I'd register to vote but that would probably mean the city realizing that i haven't been paying council tax for the last 3 months... i know im going to have to when i move, but why incur any retroactive costs? And frankly, I don't feel my vote is worth the cost :P

Anonymous said...

Lib Dem, Tony doesn't need any more encouragement