Saturday, April 23, 2005

Self Promotion

This blog is turning into a poetry fest. Sorry 'bout that. This week I'm off to Poland for a week, then I come back and see the Go! Team (I am soooooo looking forward to them), and then.. the cricket season starts. Poetry takes a break in July. I'm sure I'll think of other stuff to write about... But it's about July that I want to write now.

In July I am (all going to plan) putting on a gig of my own. Ok, with Steve Larkin's help, but I am putting together the return of The Fugitives to Oxford. The Fugitives are some of Canada's finest poets and were last seen at the Four Nations Slam. Because they were coming back to the UK and because I wanted to see them again, we have got together and we are working on a gig. I've never done anything like this before... But I have faith in Steve, Brendan and Barbara (two of the Fugitives) and I have faith in me.

But just so you know.... You Oxford folk, you should expect me to come asking for help!

Some of the Fugitves: CR Avery, Barbara Adler, Brendan McLeod, Shane Koyzcan

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