Friday, April 08, 2005

seven red stripes, six white stripes and a hell of a lot of stars

I have found this.

I've stolen the best response to this that I could find from Russell Brown's Hard News:

The participants of a discussion forum have been discussing whether is it, in fact, The Gayest Thing Ever. I think this post summed it up: "Now, understand that I don't use the term "gay" when deriding something. I think it's an insult, saying that homosexuality is as bad as whatever the thing is. But, after seeing this, I can't help but paraphrase Eric Cartman and say that that was the gayest thing I've seen."


Patrick said...

Whoa... I haven't had a cringe like that in quite a while. The embarrassment I feel for the booby prize contenders on the Czech version of "Pop Idol" is nowhere near that which I feel for this dolt. Everything about this song and video is the very essence of uncle-f***ing sucky gayness (in a South Park context, natch).

Makes me extremely proud to be a Canadian.

richard said...

Without doubt the worst use of bandwidth out there.

I'm just relieved that I'm not American. But speaking of Pop Idol, it's a little known fact that in NZ we started something called Popstars, which was a TV show to create a NZ version of the SPice Girls. That grew into Pop Idol in the UK.

On behalf of my country, i apologise. Our bad.

Patrick said...

Have you seen the follow-up to this yet?

richard said...

There's a lot to admire about the spoof video..