Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Poetry Review

I don't feel creative today and I don't have the words to use to do the slam last night, um, justice. I don't even remember most of the words from last night. Maybe it's cos I'm tired. So in the words of Homer, you tried and you failed. The lesson is, never try.

Instead I am going to resort to the lazy authors trick of The List. Here is a List of things that I remember last night.
  1. Lizzie Mac; you were tremendous. That was one of the best performances I have ever seen.
  2. Having spent the evening doing the lights and vote counting, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the H&T people who every month give up the opportunity to soak in the poetry and instead work behind the scenes. You guys rock.
  3. Steve Larkin; you rock a lot.
  4. It was refreshing to see a bunch of new poets perform. The two Andy's were quality. Respect to the second Andy for the Shakespeare. C'est bon to hear something different.
  5. Justice; what can I say? Congratulations on making the finals. I know I'm biased, but it's nothing more than you deserve.
  6. AYM; I'm glad you finished within the time limit this time around!
  7. Leviathan and Beyonder were stunning. Leviathan, I'm listening to your CD today as I work and letting thew words wash over me. Any chance you can send me a track listing??
  8. I wish I had more energy to write today. I'm tired.
  9. I wish I'd be able to hang more with all those folk I knew who were there last night... Kate, Meredy, Tess, Emily, Anita, Justice, Alberto, Liz, Chris...
  10. UKIP might be a xenophobic party, but my respect to the candidate from the party who came to speak last night. A more scary audience I could not have imagined. Besides, I believe in debate and people who challenge my views can only be good for me.
That is all. If I can rewrite this I will. Don't hold your breath

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