Friday, February 10, 2006

When Christians are good

Something called the Evangelical Climate Initiative has published an evangelical call to action on climate change. The document has been signed by a number of leading evangelical Christians, including the emergent pin-up man, Brian McLaren, and Rick Warren.

This document has surprised some people:

"But from the bloody great ScienceBlogs site, a look at something unexpected: the list of signatories of leading evangelical Christians on a letter urging action on climate change. Wow. And, cool."

but not others:
"This move doesn't surprise me, evangelicals often follow the trends of the culture as a whole"

From where I perch, I'd probably have signed the document. But why is it that we Christians are only cool when we agree with the counter-culture? (Sorry, but in my opinion anybody who disagrees with the mainstream capitalist culture is probably 'counter-cultural'). And why should evangelical Christians coming out with a call to action be a surprise to some? Just a couple of thoughts for a Friday afternoon.

Now I'm off for a run to get those thoughts out of my head.

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Chris said...

From the BBC article of the same subject:

"But the latest move has prompted a backlash from some of the most influential conservative Christians. James Dobson's Focus on the Family called it a "distraction" from abortion and family values.

And Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, a friend of Mr Bush's, says the science on climate change remains inconclusive.

"Among American evangelicals there is no consensus about the causes of global warming, severity of global warming, or the solutions to global warming," he said. "