Monday, February 20, 2006


I have today off work as I am getting a portrait done.

Jon Cairns is the man doing the work for me and it will be done somewhere in Oxford.

The trouble with me is that I am not photogenic. Now, this is no false modesty thing, it's true. I am photogenic when caught unawares, or when my back is to the camera, or it is dark. The problems only arise when I have to pose for the shot. While posing I have time to think about how I am going to set my face. Not once have I come out with a successful arrangement of my features. Invariably I come out with one of three faces. These, in order of frequency, are:

Smug (This one is on top of a truck in Namibia. I felt smug!):


Grumpy (I think I'm cutting my toenails in this picture):
Occasionally, it all works for me and I get Normal:

But the beer and the two attractive women helped.

I'm trusting that the at the photographer will have tricks of the trade to set me at ease. And prevent me from thinking.


Chris said...

I fairly convinced that beer and two attractive women are pretty much the solution to any problem one might have...

richard said...

don't you mean the cause?

Chris said...

both/and not either/or