Tuesday, February 14, 2006

March Hare

March is going to be a cracking month. I'm starting it with The Go! Team at Oxford Brookes, then I have a week's worth of training at work. Then a week in the Czech Republic with Patrick and Jitka. Then back to Oxford for another week's worth of teaching before missing the Sigur Ros concert at Hammersmith because work has deemed it necessary that I visit Mexico. Get in there! It's a shame to miss Sigur Ros but, well, Mexico, baby!

Played squash today for the first time in six months. Wiped the floor with the IT manager. Now that feels very good. But my back and shoulders are demanding sick leave.

Walk the Line is very very good. It has to have one of my all time favourite final scenes. It's a simple scene involving a picnic by the lake, and some kids and an old man playing telephone with string and cups. Somehow it works very well with my soul. It's aesthetically pleaseing and it's been combined with elements of redemption.

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