Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A fine (but not so old) man

The man on the right of the picture is my dad. On Sunday the 12th of February he hits the grand (but NOT old) age of 60.

The bugger of it for dad is that it being a sunday and him being a vicar, he'll have to work his birthday. And if he skives it off, his boss will know. No, not God, although he'll know also, but my mum. My mum (the one on the left) is the Archdeacon of dad's parish. I'm still not sure what the archdeacon does, but anybody with 'arch' in the title doesn't sound like someone you want to mess with.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to a fine man. You're a good man, and (now I know I've never been very good at saying it - ok, I've been bloody awful at it) I love you. May you have a great year.


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