Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Movies I shouldn't watch

It's been an interesting evening. I was rung up by Radio 6 for a live interview about my ultimate gig on Jane Gazzo's show. Gazzo - what a great surname. I think I managed to sound engaging. I'm looking forward to listening to myself tomorrow via the streaming of tonight's show at work. We've also had a perspective flatmate round to replace Emma. In between I watched Whale Rider, a film made and set in Aotearoa. I probably shouldn't have watched it. Now I want to go home.

New Zealand. It's a beautiful place. You should go there.

I should go there again.

I need to go there again.


Naomi said...

is a perspective housemate always someone you only see in the correct perspective?...

Glad you liked the film then!

richard said...

something like that... sometimes my grasp of english is nothing like what I think it is.