Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I'm not really sure why, but a couple of verses of songs by Steve Taylor (eighties and nineties Christian satirist and musician) have been floating around in my head. The first is from Harder to believe than not to :

They shiver with doubts that were left unattended
then they toss away the cloak that they should have mended
you know by now why the chosen are few
it's harder to believe than not to...

and the other is in the song Hero

when they ain't as big as life
when they ditch their second wife
where's the boy to go?
gotta be a hero
When the house fell asleep
from a book I was led to a light that I never knew
I wanna be your hero
and he spoke to my heart from the moment I prayed
here's a pattern I made for you
I wanna be your hero

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