Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A humbling

Every now and again I get reminded of how generous people can be. Last night, the wonderful inhabitants of The Slug (not somewhere you will find in a pub guide to Oxford) allowed me to host five poets for dinner. And they did the cooking too! My thanks of a bunch of flowers seemed horribly inadequate.

So to Anita, Kate, Emily and Caroline (especially for allowing us to dissect the Septagon of Unfortunate Love), my heartful thanks. As the pumkins sang, "today is the greatest day...".

Then the generosity got a little overwhelming. Beau Sia, one of the poets above is going to Auckland next month and asked me to come up with a list of twenty things to do in Auckland. I asked some friends in Auckland to help me. Top of the list from Craig was this:

(1) and definitely worthy of top place: a 1-hour scenic helicopter flight over Auckland's CBD, with your friendly pilot/tourguide, Craigo! Seriously, I'd be really happy to do this. If your friend were willing to offer a small donation, it'd be greatfully accepted, but by no means compulsary.

What can you possibly say to that? I mean really?

I feel like having a wee cry.

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