Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A list

As I said below, I've been in Prague these past four days. Here are some observations:
  1. Czech food needs more vegetable matter
  2. Czech pubs need to sell more than one variety of beer
  3. Prague public transport is great. Any city with trams is a winner
  4. Prague is a fun city to walk around. Having little random nooks and crannies to get you between streets makes life interesting
  5. Capitalism has too greater hold on Wenceslas Square. I shouldn't be able to have Marks and Sparks at my back and Debenhams at my front if I'm not on a UK high street.
  6. Czech airlines is an underrated airline. Better food than BA. And cheap.
  7. Czech is a very difficult language to read, let alone speak.
  8. Old Czech women in their fur coats and big hair are very funny
  9. Czechs like their dogs
  10. Czechs don't clean up after their dogs
  11. I don't like Grog. Grog is a mix of cheap rum and hot water.
  12. The best brownies can be found in the Globe cafe.
  13. Where have all the communists gone?
Other observations to be added when I remember them.


Naomi said...

ah Rich, the joys and weirdness of Prague! did you miss the 'museaum of communism'? it's above macdonalds (!) on one of those streets off Wenceslas Square...


richard said...

I did. It shares a building with a casino too and is across the road from benetton. Very interesting - a rare museum is one where I read all the blurbs. As well as having to explain a whole lot of it to my travelling companion.

richard said...

should have said I didn't. Miss it, that is.