Sunday, January 23, 2005


I use my car too much. Mostly because it is too convenient. I have a goal, which I both challenge you all to match, as well as hold me accountable to. I want to reduce my driving by one trip a week. For example, I drive to and from work every day. If I didn't do that, and, say, took the bus one day a week, I could reduce my own emissions by 20%. And I would gain some more time in my life, by taking the bus I could spend some more time reading, which I can't do when I drive.

From the we are what we do site, I am challanged by this:

Consider this: A double-decker bus carries the same number of people as 40 cars. And it’s going there anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The best way to reduce emissions is to bury anything with carbon it. Paper, plastic, plants, nappies, whatever. In v. general terms, burying a kilogram of plastic makes up for burning a litre of petrol.

Don't recycle, and run the risk of someone else burning it. Throw it out now with a refuser you can be sure will put it in a landfil.

Grow a tree, chop it down, bury it, and grow another one.

To achieve equilibrium you need to bury around the same amount of carbon you emit. To save the world you need to bury more.