Friday, January 28, 2005


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Next Tuesday is Hammer and Tongue's Four Nations Slam. This will be an incredible night of slam poetry featuring some of the best poets in the word. And in the world. You will laugh, and you will also likely cry as well. It is being held at the Zodiac on Cowley Road at 8pm and will cost you less than a tenner. I am willing to concede that I am somewhat biased when it comes to these sorts of things, but at the last local slam there were 200 people in the audience. And they can't all be wrong.

And who and what will you get for your money?
CR Avery the amazing beat box blues artist
UK Allcomers Slam champion Elvis McGonnagill
Taylor Mali, four times US slam winner and great guy.
plus 14 other poets from the US, the UK, Ireland and Canada.
Plus, you get to say you were there at the biggest poetry event in the UK this year. Ok, that's a little naff.

So if you're reading this, and you can conceivably get to Oxford on Tuesday night, then get your ass there!

And one other thing.... If you are in oxford and have any spare mattresses and bedding, the folk at Hammer and Tongue are putting up all the poets for free, but could use the bedding. if you have stuff you could lend, make a comment on my blog and I shall be in touch.

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