Monday, March 06, 2006

Second night Go-ing

Last night I warily set off to see The Go! Team. I've seen them once before and was always up for a second dig at them. I was/am still recovering from the night at Ministry of Sound (damn, I'm old) and a couple of late nights this past weekend, so felt somewhat uninspired to go out last night. Chris and Kate joined me and it appeared we were all rather flat going into it. The warm up acts failed to get me over the lack of fervour, and the first track (Panther Dash) seemed badly mixed. I got to thinking this was not going to be enjoyed. But....

...the mixing picked up and Ninja's religious-like fervour for rousing the audience conspired to suck me in. I simply closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. They don't play for long, but they cram a lot into those short minutes.

The ten minute encore of Ladyflash was bliss.

It appears I wasn't the only elderly kiwi to enjoy the night out (scroll to the bottom after his rant about the European Commission and the Louvre).

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