Friday, March 10, 2006

Prague Spring

It's winter in Prague. I'm here for a few days before heading south to Cesky Krumlov in Moravia for much of next week. The plan there is to do very little, just soak in a Mideval town and rest. I've been staying with Patrick and Jitka, who habe been nothing short of stellar in their generosity to me. Truly kind people. They also have a black cat called Mishka who stare at me. This is a little disconcerting, especially as he can stare longer than I can.

Currently I'm entrenched at the Globe Cafe, a place that Anita and I came to last year and where the brownies are exceptional, and where the choice of music isn't. Right now I am listening to Roxette. Somehow I am not convinced that she is 'just a little bit dangerous' and nor am I convinced that she has 'the look'.

This morning I wandered around an exhibit of the photographs of Jan Saudek. Very intense photography, and a little bit disturbing... But very good too. Last night I spent time at an expat bar called U Zpevacku where Mike, a Bostonian, kept feeding me beer and extolling the vitues of Cesky Krumlov. Beside him were some Americans revelling in college basketball, declaring it to be the best game in the world. Hmmm. Later, I watched an advert full of athletic baseball catches, and I couldn't help think, sure, but try it without the glove.

On the way home I came close to falling in love with the girl opposite me on the Metro B line.

By the time I got back to Cerny Most, I was feeling worse for wear. I'd only had four beers but they seemed to have hit me hard. I clearly have lost tolerance for alcohol. The question is, is it worth the effort to regain that tolerance. I think not.


Chris said...

On the way home I came close to falling in love with the girl opposite me on the Metro B line.

Does this mean you now have a better appreciation of James Blunt?


richard said...

she was on her own! if she was with someone else then I'd be a James Blunt. I wonder if that will become rhyming slang for something...