Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's all Pants

This morning I came in to my lounge to this sight:

This is a fairly common occurence for me. One of my flatmates leaves lines of y-fronts for the world to see. Sometimes they are on the radiator just inside the front door.

On Saturday, while at a friends place, one of their flatmates inexplicably displayed her new underwear, although not while she was wearing it.

I have two observations to make. Firstly, given the choice between the two sets of underwear, I know which one I'd rather see. Secondly, I'd rather not make that choice in the first place. Drying underwear belongs on the washing line, in the drier, or in the owners bedroom.

I sent the above photo to Justice this morning, mainly because I knew it make him laugh. his response:

I'm not sure how to respond...
Possibilities include:
1) Very funny,
2) Don't do that to anybody else... It's cruel...
3) I think that contravenes the UN declaration on human rights in several ways.
4) Nobody needs to see that on a Monday morning... Or any morning...
5) How can men's underwear be SO MUCH less pleasing than women's?
6) you are sick in the head?
7) yuck!
8) Leave - it isn't normal there.
9) why does he do that?
10) could you buy a tumble dryer?
11) If you can't beat em join em?
12) No

Yours disturbed,

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