Friday, February 16, 2007

Don't hire the Guide

There's a whole lot of post-processing that needs to be done post the sub continent. The process begins on Monday night with Jim, some western food and some eastern beer, and a newly acquired chess set.

So, in lieu of detailed discussion I offer this:
  • In India DO NOT hire a guide. Do it yourself, you'll be fine, and you won't get dragged through a dozen shops and have sweet nothings whispered in your ear about how good the carpet you're looking at is.
  • Mark Tuly, quoted AA Gill's AA Gill is Away was asked about how he dealt with the poverty in India. His response: 'I don't have to cope with the poverty; the poor have to cope with the poverty'. This is a very useful insight when travelling in India.
  • In India, it is best to travel with a friend.
  • To paraphrase Gill again, the Taj is not too passe. It is fucking stupendous, supremely magnificent. But don't try to take a stuffed cow into it, the guards won't let it in.
  • Equally magnificent is the Agra Fort.
  • In Delhi, you have to ask for the beer. It's not on the menu, but it is there. And Indian beer is not to be smirked at.
Here's some photos:

How is it that I look both squat and really pissed off?

Tibetan prayer flags in the cloud.

Calligraphy detail at the Taj.

Jesus and Richard on the mountain. Richard still looks pissed off...

...while the cow is just pissed.

At the Agra Fort.

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