Monday, June 06, 2005

Not Isolated 2 (The Oddity that is Communion)

Went to hOME last Thursday, but due to the need to practice cricket I only caught the last fifteen minutes. Naomi was leading a talk on Jesus, which inevitably led to on to communion. It struck me that communion is an incredibly odd thing. Why would Jesus say "do this in rememberance of me"? I couldn't (and can't) get my head around it; it is just so abnormal.

I feel like it's one of those things I ought to know, having been church going all my life. But, to quote Gandalf, "I have no memory of this place". I probably knew it once, but I've forgotten it all.

This feels odd, and somewhat of a loss, but it also feels like a wonderful opportunity to discover this stuff all again as an adult.

Because I had not eaten, I picked up a kebab on the way. As I (noisily) sat down to eat it at the back, we started breaking the bread. I'm not sure that Jesus said "this is my kebab, broken for you", although I was eating a donner kebab and Jesus did call himself the Lamb of God. Oooo, metaphysical!

Ahhh.... Christian humour.

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