Monday, June 06, 2005

Isolated Entries (NOT how I want to blog)

More random notes to myself, I'm afraid. It's been a while, and so before I forget I have decided to Get Shit Down.

Discovered the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Don't know how to pronounce their name but love their work. My goodness gracious me, so fine.

Discovered Dorset. Don't know if you've heard of Dorset, but it's worth a visit. This was also my first trip to the South Coast for bank holiday weekend (and was incidentially also the first time since I've been the UK that I have done something specifically for a bank holiday weekend). Specifically I discovered Dartmouth with Jane, Monica, Rhys, Megan and Grace.

Dartmouth is the birdshit capital of the world.

I don't know what this website is about.

Patrick has a lovely random conversation about napping and underground systems.

I cannot bat to save my life. It has been over a month since I scored a run and almost didn't get out in the process. In addition WCC has not been doing so well. We haven't won in three weeks. Grrrrrrr. And the league took all our points for one of our wins. I'm not a happy engineering bunny.

My under 15s keep winning. This is good. Tonight Shrivenham got put to the sword. They had the noisiest player I've ever heard. He chirped on constantly for an hour and a half with such witticisms as "he swings like a rusty gate with no hinges", and "I've seen better swings in a child's playground", and "that aint a bat he's holding, it's a fishing rod", and "decorate those stumps like my mum decorates the Christmas Tree, all nice and red". And repeat and rinse. And repeat. I needed a vodka and an aspirin to get him out of my head. The little punk couldn't
half bowl though. He impressed me. Needs to shut up, but.

Punted on Sunday with Evelyn, Steph and Gareth. Did most of the work, which was satisfying 'cos I only ran aground a couple of times, although in a similar vein to when I 'ice-skate' I did feel on the verge of falling in all the time. But it was one of those times when I remembered why I love living in this city so much. That was a relief because Simon, Malcolm, Muzz, Greg, Gedge and Gareth were all in Rotorua watching the Lions play Bay of Plenty. As Simon said, I am in the wrong country, man. That may be true, but I fear I love two mistresses, and the one whose love is most engaging at the moment is Oxford. God, I love her. I'm sorry, Simon but I can't come home, cos, damnit, Oxford is home.

Good to have Evelyn back in Oxford after her trip to France.

Big gig at Hammer and Tongue and the Zodiac tomorrow night.

Inflatable Buddha on Wednesday night at the Bully. They are opening (I hope) for my Canadians so I am Doing Research.

Have started noticed women speeding.


Emma B said...

given that you like sigur ros... try the free stafraenn hakon download on too...

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the conversation on metro-napping - not really how I want to blog either, but it had been too long since my last entry, and I reckoned that segment of my chat with my editor would suffice.

Sigur Ros is way cool - unfortunately I missed out on seeing them in Prague the last time they came to town, but hopefully they'll play here again soon.

richard said...

I disagree. I like the random nature of that entry. Following that stream of consciousness (sp?) thing is fun. Granted, you may not want to do that everytime, but a random random conversation is never a bad thing. Give it a suitable length of time and/or a suitable conversation and it goes without saying I will steal that idea....