Friday, March 25, 2005

Social Justice

There's been a bit going on in my head recently. Some of which I can't talk about because this aint the forum for stuff that, well, intimately involves other people. However, the thing that is dominating life for me is the departure from Oxford of my friends Justice and Anita.

This is us punting on the Isis last summer. Anita is the one doing the work. Good girl.

Justice and Anita have been (HAVE BEEN?! Still bloody are!) very good friends to me. It grieves me to see them leave. However, I have always known that for Justice Oxford was only a temporary stop for him. He was just waiting for something. Fourteen months later he managed to convince Anita that he was the man of her dreams (she can be a bit thick sometimes) and it was time.

Even though it grieves me, I accept that for Justice there is a need to act on his name. Quite what that will look like is unknown. That unknown is somehow assuring.

In that time honoured line, it has been better to have shared life with him and Anita. Wherever they go will be the better for having them.

And he knows that I would have kicked his arse if he had stayed. Now piss off you beautiful and good man.

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