Friday, March 25, 2005

Moving on up

I've moved. Upstairs. This may not sound like much but it has made a huge difference to my quality of life. For a start, I'm now on the top floor of my flat, and it's all mine! Mwhahahahaha!!! This room is the top floor, it has much more space, it has an en suite and it has a great view. Those material things.... When I get batteries for my camera I shall take a picture of the room and the view. The summer that comes in through the windows you shall have to imagine yourself. It is the sort of room where I could easily wile away a summer soaking in the sun, drinking beer, talking rubbish and watching the neighbourhood at play in the meadow beyond.

The biggest enhancement to my quality of life comes from being above the strange wandery around guy who lives on the first floor and who's room is above my old room. SWAG is one of my housemates who keeps very late hours (dinner at 10.30pm, bath at 11.30-12.00am (a right bugger when it came to closing time and the need to go to the toilet. All I can say is thank goodness for the meadow behind my house), pottering in his room till 2.00am, then bed). In the middle of SWAG's bedroom is a floorboard that squeaks. It squeaks loud enough to wake me up. Being the sort of stress cadet that I am, I found it impossible to get to sleep when I knew this was coming. Could I get over this? Could I deal with it? Could I bollocks.

Now... Now I'm the one with the squeaky floorboard, I'm the one who is above him. I'm on top, as it were.... Mwahahahahaha!!!

But I am a merciful man.

In my beautiful room.

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