Thursday, March 10, 2005

In the Darko

You are my people and I am your man. In that spirit of community, can someone please explain Donnie Darko to me.


jon said...

i will read this feedback with great anticipation...

felt very stupid at the end...didn't get it...i s'pose that's what you get for £2.99 from HMV

Chris said...

I spose I could but that would ruin half the fun!

I don't know what the different DVD versions contain over here in crazy Region 2, but mine has a commentary with the director Richard Kelly and Jake Gylenhaal (sp?) which I found really helpful and insightful. I'd be willing to lend my copy to you if yours doesn't have it...(I've uhh... "engineered" it to be region free)

Keep thinking about it ;)