Friday, September 10, 2004

Unethical Dentistry

I've just come back from the dentist. Another filling to come. This pisses me off, and I told him so. I pay £23 every six months to see him, I also pay £30 for a dental hygenists appointment at the same time. Under their advice I am the owner of an electric toothbrush, and I take good care of my gums and my plate. And Yet... Everytime I see him I have to make another appointment to have a filling. Everytime. I've seen him four times and I have four new fillings. As I said, everytime. I don't trust him anymore. I did forget my appointment earlier in the week (it was rearranged without drama ahead of time) but I think he decided to make me pay for my amnesia. Also his suction machine is broken and I think he is looking for patients to fund a new one.

There should be standards. I'm thinking of changing dentists.

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