Thursday, September 23, 2004

Softly Softly

I share an office with five other people, three of whom are men. I also have lots of other colleagues who visit our office most of whom are men. Why must the men in my office talk so loudly? Maybe it's something to do with the need to sound important. The louder we speak, the more important we are. Women are less guilty of this than men. And my colleague Tom is completely innocent of this.

People should be aware that I am more likely to be annoyed by loud mouthed people than softly spoken ones. And consequently am less likely to want to listen to them.

There's just not enough soft-spoken people in my world.


Naomi said...

(whispering)perhaps if we were assured that people would listen, we'd never need to shout;)

see you wednesday!

Naomi said...
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