Friday, September 03, 2004


I have just had the priviledge of having dinner with Mark Pierson. Mark is my friend from Auckland/Melbourne and used to be my pastor at Cityside Baptist Church in Auckland. He is in Oxford to give a course on Alternative Worship. Mark is a Great Guy. He also came along to a hOME meeting with me. It was under the guise of checking out my friends for my parents and to make sure I hadn't joined a cult. So we didn't do any chicken slaying rituals that night.

It is good to have ones friends about. It's a tricky thing living on the Other Side of the World from where one comes from. I worry that I don't have enough contact with my friends and family back home. But I am in that catch 22 situation in that if I go home, I will miss my friends here, so it's nice when they come to you.

(I will go home for a visit if someone's got money for my airfare!!)

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