Monday, January 22, 2007


I've finally made it to Kathmandu. Yesterday Sarah and I flew from Delhi to Kathmandu, circled it three times, then flew to Calcutta. We then spent a quality three hours on the tarmac as our Jet Airways (their slogan is 'The Joy of Flying') international flight became a domestic flight (meaning they could no longer serve beer), and then we flew back to Delhi. All this came to result in zero air miles.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Pokhara but as a result of the local transport folk being upset at the government not compensating the local transport folk for a number of their buses being torched in a riot last week, Nepal is now on strike. If the strike carries through till tomorrow we'll be off to see monkeys being revered in temples.

In the meantime, here's some signs I've seen. The first tells me what I cannot take as carry-on luggage in Indian flights (they omitted to include duty free alcohol that you buy in the arrivals hall. You can only take through booze you've bought in the departures hall. Essentially this is a way for the customs men to get cheap wines and spirits. The Aussies in front of us, seeing the high fives, didn't play along and tipped their scotch in the bin. I was willing to lose the five quid bottle of german sparkling wine I'd bought for Mike and Sarah...). The second photo advises me that if I'd like to know how black holes work, I need not stray from the hotel Jet Airways put us up in. Which was vastly superior than a white tent on the front steps of Heathrow.

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