Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, 10:37pm

(Happy Birthday, Jane)

So it's Monday night, and it could be worse. Today I've managed good catch ups with three good friends, Kirsty the kiwi in KL, Alberto the Italian in Milan and Meredy the Canuck in London, I've played touch rugby in the fog at the Oxford Rugby Club grounds, I've had managed to get in on my flatmate Suzie's fine dinner as well as drain her bottle of 2002 Costieres de Nimes - Cellier des Vestiges Romains (which this Palestine-when-it-comes-to-wine knows nothing more about other than it was good) and my copy of Joyeux Noel arrived today. There'll be a viewing of that on Wednesday night. I've been waiting for that since Greenbelt.

I feel better for the game of touch. Since cricket ran out a few months ago I've been feeling a bit lethargic, so getting a regular run around has been good, seeing as I hate running unless balls are involved. Some may be amused to hear that I even managed to be punched in the head tonight, by a fellow aotearoa-an, no less.

On the subject of Aotearoa, Public Address have added a community site, Public Address System to their website. It's a useful (and entertaining) addition to their board. At the very least it has allowed me to see the Good night Kiwi video from the days when TV stopped at night with it's disturbingly soothing music - 'TV has finished now, now go to bed'. Fellow Kiwis/Pukekos might enjoy it...

According to forecast fox, right now in Oxford we have freezing rain.

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