Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I could have modelled it

Last night Martin discovered that water was running down the side of the wall in the hall. On further inspection we noticed that the ceiling was very damp as well. We traced the water upstairs to discover that the source was the toilet beside my room. For a horrible moment we thought it was all coming from the pipe downstream of the u-bend but on closer inspection we realised that it was coming from just upstream of the cistern. On the bright side this means that I haven't effectively been urinating on the walls.

As an engineer who deals with flood modelling software it occurred to me that I could have built a computer model of the flood. But I had to call a management consultant to tell me how to fix it.


Rhys Lewis said...

If I could be an IT person with a computer that crashes, an accountant who didn't pay their taxes, a doctor who was sick, or a water engineer who's toilet leaked all through his house, I think I would rather be the traffic cop.

Interesting that you say you could have 'modelled it', rather than 'fixed it'.

richard said...

It took me five weeks of procrastination, but I've fixed it.