Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Higher Lower

Most of us have been in the situation where we know a fact and we want to demonstrate that knowledge by playing the game of higher-lower with a friend. On Saturday night as I walked through the streets of Hammersmith to see 'The Constant Gardener' I played that game with Jane. 'Jane', I said as we walked past a Starbucks, 'guess how many new Starbucks open every day.' 'In the world?' she asked. 'Yes'. She paused for a second and then said 'three'.

'Damn, yes' I replied instantly deflated.

Don't you hate that.

The Constant Gardener was fantastic. Lots of handheld camera action set in the slums and wilds of Africa, as well as the Eurostar platform at London Waterloo. Good tense conspiracy action for those of us who don't like big nasty multinationals.

Back to the higher-lower thing I'm trying to drink less. I don't drink a lot but I do drink often. So this week I am seeing if I can go with out. Aside from the instinctive purchase of a beer with my sunday lunch I haven't drunk since Friday night. I've been making it hard on myself by hanging out with Chris last night, and by arranging two meet at two different pubs tonight and then again tomorrow night and then by going to dinner with Rhys, Monica, Megan and Jane on Friday... Not to mention the free alcohol on tap on the Singapore Airlines flight on Saturday. My goal is not to cut it all out, but to not drink as a default activity when out and about. This is going to be tricky.

Java on Saturday....

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