Monday, October 23, 2006

Dutch Designs

Last Friday I visited the Dan Perjovschi exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum modern art museum in Eindhoven. The exhibition is a series of quickly drawn cartoons that surround the staircase that links the first and lower floors. The cartoons are rough but to the point.

My favourite cartoon is a picture of a house crammed full of stuff (car, bike, TV, whatever). There is a man with a knapsack at the door, and the owner of the house declares 'Sorry, we're full'.

If you do a google search on the images for Dan Perjovschi you can see plenty more of his cartoons.

I followed that up by visiting s'-Hortogenbosch, where the local delicacy is the Bosch Bol, a softball sized pastry covered in chocolate and filled with sweet cream. Two of those in an hour will wire you up for the week. As well as make your heart skip.

The Saturday was spent at Interieur, in Belgium. I went with my lovely hostess, Rebekah, and her colleagues Stephan (the straight one with a desire to find the perfect hinge), and Jasper (the enthusiastic one). Interieur is a massive architectural design fair that features lots of very chic northern europeans and lots of very chic european design outfits. When it came to the Smeg stall, the very chic fridge contained beer. For the less than chic kiwi, this was reassuring. My three guides made for a very entertaining and informative afternoon. It was always very reassuring when the three agreed with me about style. I have more style than I give myself credit for...

There's a lot to like about Holland. Particularly the beer, the town centres, and the lovely lovely Dutch women. Oh yes, we like them a lot.


Anonymous said...

How well would a bosch ball hold up to a cricket bat?

I was walking along Queen Street the other day and bumped into Simon, which was an unusual and pleasant surprise.

richard said...

Bumping into Simon would've been a very pleasant surprise seeing as most people would expect him to be in Aceh.

A Bosch Bol meeting a cricket bat would be spectacular. The other night my cricket bat mallet met a pinata. It took a surprising long time for that to generate results.

Anonymous said...

I refer to your comment "I have more style than I give myself credit for...". No you don't.

richard said...

O numpty lacking a coaster to prove it ...

I have a style. At no time did I attempt to describe that style as something that people would aspire to emulate.