Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Societies Cross Section

I find this photo from the Guardian's guide to the 2006/2007 premiership season both fascinating and very funny. It provides an interesting example of the motto of the herd, it is so much safer in large numbers. I particularly like little Miss Prada and her Dave Grohl/Neil Young boyfriend in the front row, the air masturbating twins above to the right, the apparently airbrushed in and smiling evilly redhead above, and the very angry numpty to the left of Wayne. But my personal favourite is the bald man inspecting his mobile phone. 'Hi m8, im @ the bridge and that wanker rooney has been sent off. tosser'.

Click on the picture to get a better look.


Anonymous said...

You don't have enough work to do down there? Is the second masturbating twin perhaps Andrew N.?

richard said...

I have plenty to do. I'm now looking for a photo of the ManU end of the same fixture to see if I can find you.

I wouldn't want to comment on Mr N being on the right.

Kirsty E said...

Hey Rich, I hope your still analysing rugby crowds as well as soccer ones! It sounds like you and I have the same travelling bug! I'd love to touch base again - it has been a long time. You can catch me at koreakiwi@yahoo.co.nz