Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things I wish I'd done

Two stories here: The first relates to Chris and his bad day at work and the second relates to a guy I know and his experience at a supermarket. Somehow these two stories go a long way to making the world a better place.

Chris' story requires that you read his blog entries, read this one first and then this one. Will's story can be found here and also below:

Weird thing happens

I was in the supermarket queue and the guy in front of me is with his ?wife and she is paying when he decided to go and get some more booze, maybe because it would be free or something. He says to the checkout guy

Him: "Can I go and get another one?"

and I respond and I say

Me: "no".

Him: "I'm sorry?"

Me: "no, you can't"

Him (looking at me like he's going to hit me): "why not?"

Me: "because I'm next in the queue"

At which he walks off, gets another bottle of booze and comes back. He looks me in the eye and I am expecting him to say "you are a f***ing twat" but he does not.

Him: "I apologise."

Me: "That's ok mate it happens to the best of us"

And he proceeds to pay, and look!, as he is leaving, he says

Him: "Do you drink red wine?"

Me: "Sometimes"

He gives me a bottle of red

Me: "Thanks mate, that's very kind of you"

End of story

I think this is remarkable because i) it was in Didcot where I expect people to be thugs ii) he was with his partner and I thought he'd probably want to show off how hard he was to her iii) I was being a bit of a twat.

Anyway, this has restored some of my faith in "other people"

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