Sunday, October 09, 2005

Battle Scars

On the road that I drive down to get access to my house, one of these is often parked. Apparently it is 1.94m wide, which is an arse in the narrow streets where I live. Last night it was illegally parked and came close to preventing access to my street.

I feel an almost irresistable urge to kick it whenever I see it. Perhaps if I do the owners will appreciate it because it will look like they have actually taken the car off road once in its life. And do you think that when Toyota named this beast Amazon they had any sense of irony?


Rhys Lewis said...

Don't fight it - drive it.

Are you against excess because of envy or pride?

I think it would be a good thing to live in a world where you could drive a car as big or as small as you like. Change comes in small steps, and the first step is for the rich to get it. If Toyota fitted the Amazon with one of their new hybrid engines (they are more advanced with hybrids than anyone), and managed to get the fuel economy of a Micra out of it, would it still be bad?

richard said...

If it is still blocking my street then yes.

I believe that my problem with thsi car is not based on envy or pride, but rather the deadly sin I am best at, sloth.

Rhys Lewis said...

It's too late to do an unbiased test now, but I suspect that a milk truck that took up the same amount of space, or SLK 500 that used the same amount of fuel wouldn't cause anywhere near as much attention.

I find the amount of fear and loathing thrown specifically at SUVs to be fascinating. It's true that the Amazon uses a lot of gas, but then so does the V6 Passat (exactly the same at 11.1/100km).

There's just something about those big bad SUVs that makes people love them or hate them.

richard said...

Don't you worry. I resent the milk truck that does 15mph down the main road in front of me.

It's because the big bad suv's stand out that I hate them. Poppies, anyone? I have them in tall.

Suzie said...

I don't think violence is the answer Rich!