Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Postcards from Southern Africa

Two folk I know are making a bit of a name for themselves in southern Africa. My friend Dave Ball is writing for the South African Sunday Times as one of the sports editors. Here's his most recent work.

And a guy who guided me round Namibia last year is setting off on his own. He's Sven Strohmenger and while he doen't yet have a website you can email him using this address: He's a great guy and a someone who knows his stuff. He's a big believer in environmentally sustainable tourism. He's also the sort of bloke who can be driving a truck and spot out of the corner of his eye a mongoose in scrub at 200m whereas the people on his truck who are peering through binoculars don't see a thing. If you're planning on going to the Nam, Botswana or SA, look this guy up. Really. He's the white guy in the middle of the picture.

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