Saturday, May 07, 2005


It's 7pm on a sunny Saturday evening. Right now I should be playing cricket. The reason that I'm not is that an hour ago Wallingford's 2nd XI finished demolishing the third XI of Dinton by six wickets. How does it feel? It feels fine. Damn fine. We ripped through them for 85, Rich Hadland taking five for 47, Neil (Smithy) Smith four for 14. Not a dropped catch among them either, including one that was whacked straight at me. Jon Whiteman saw it, he can vouch for it. Or come see the marks on my hand.

In reply, we started well, Mark (Searley - can you see what we've done there?) Searle and I put on thirty for the first wicket till I ran myself out for thirteen (unlucky for me) when I slipped. A brief slump saw us lose another three wickets for one run, before Mark (NOT Markie or Coxie) Cox and Ben (Bennie) Denton strode to the crease. Now, we all know Mark can bat. Last year he knocked up a good eighty against Bledlow and a good sixty against Banbury. Fifteen year old Bennie, however, did not have such a fine record. However the boy has potential. Today, he showed us that potential. Taking some two or three overs to get off the mark, but without looking like getting out, he then picked the short one, pivoted opn one foot and twatted it to the fence for four. Another one quickly followed, then a lovely flick down to third man. Twelve runs, all boundaries. More fours followed as the Dinton bowling got increasingly ragged and the Denton (and Cox) batting got increasingly fluid. By the time it was all over, Bennie had 24 and Mark 27, and they'd put on 55 unbeaten runs for the fifth wicket, and Wallingford had the great record of played one, won one.

A good day at the office. Cheers, lads.

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