Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What's a man to do

I work in computer support. I trained someone in Belgium last month. Today they sent me the following support enquiry:

"I wanted to run a storm to look at the flooding but when I try to copy the storm from Excel into MySoftware, MySoftware doesn't get the numbers after the comma. I don't want to input it by hand because that would take a week's work, but how can I copy it correctly?? I made a picture of the situation. By the way, I think I haven't told you yet that I'm pregnant? I already was when you were here, but it was far too early to tell anyone."

I can solve the first problem, but I am not sure what she wants me to do about the second one. I also noted that she didn't send me any pictures of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's best that she waited

Anonymous said...

perhaps she's telling you that you were the cause of the second problem??????